Monthly Review Raffle

Do you like getting packs for free? From June, 2016 we've started our Monthly Review Raffle! All you need to do is to leave a public review on the Steam page here:


On the last day of each month we place everyone's name who has written a review in a virtual cap and draw 3 lucky winners who can select a pack for free to be added to their collection! Each entry participates in the raffle no matter when the review has been written, so the earlier you write it the more chances you get over time!


The selectable pack will include hard to get ones like the Donator Pack, or the Challenge Packs too!


So hurry up, write your review today, and good luck in the drawing!

What is this program?

The program is an excellent tool to anyone who wants realistic character portraits in no time. You can simply choose what items to display on the base character, save your image with a static or transparent background and use it for anything you would like to.

The program is mainly used by roleplayers who would like to illustrate their player and non-player characters, but don't have the resources to create or buy many uniqe characters that fit their needs. The option to save the images as tokens even reduces the work needs to be taken to use the pictures for real.

Utilizing the program as an indie game developer unlocks the possibilities of endless character stream in our users products as well. They are often used for character portraits and to display visually appealing friend and enemy units. With very little effort, complete gamescenes can be created.

The generated images are a good source for writers to illustrate their characters, for artists, who compose them in completely unique environment, for designers to represent the characteristics of their ideas, just to mention a couple of good examples where the program is being used.