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1 year 8 months ago #2188 by kalnaren
Some more art (because honestly, I'm having so much fun messing around in ePic I'm spending as much time creating character art as I am doing anything else on this project... lol)

These are some more counters that were made using ePic:

And the "raw" characters that were used to create them (well, some of them anyway)..

This one is a scout for the Kellenian army:

This is Stéphane La Rue, a Lieutenant under Captain Donnovan Krafton (one of the playable characters) who serves as the close combat instructor at the fort outside of Whitstone:

(I actually notice after I did this that I used the same hair on the army scout -I've since changed Miss. La Rue up a bit with a new hairstyle and re-don the counter, but since I had to do a layered export for her boots I haven't re-don the full size picture yet).

Annaleigh Garnet. An incredibly talented sorceress, who was at one point hunted by Donnovan Krafton (back when he was a Lieutenant) for murdering another sorceress. She managed to wipe out more than half of his men (and some in some pretty gruesome ways.. she chained one to a support beam in a millhouse and set his plate armour aflame) before disappearing after being confronted by Krafton and Marcellus. She was teleported away, tipping her hand that she wasn't working alone.

She doesn't actually make an appearance in the first run of Whitstone, but I have plans for her if/when I do an expansion.

She's another one that required several layered exports.

Marcellus ser Ri'Lan, along with Narayanna one of the few remaining Tali'Centi of Kharuna. Expert swordsman with a bitter attitude toward most people. Like all Kharunians he's highly distrustful of mages (this is a personality trait that actually has an effect on the mechanics of the boardgame), except for Penelope Cadwell. Though bitter he's also good at heart.. just worn down after years of seeing what's left of his people and his culture being wiped out. He's basically the "main character", and is the common thread through all the other characters and the plotline.

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1 year 8 months ago #2189 by kalnaren
Godfrey. A reclusive hermit that lives in the woods outside Riltar (one of three towns on the gameboard). A druid of sorts, and old friend of Marcellus.

Penelope Cadwell. Young and talented sorceress that serves as a court adviser to Lady Milner of Whitstone. She is hot tempered and quick to anger, at the same time determined and driven. She often gets into verbal sparring matches with Donnovan Krafton (who claims she lacks a sense of humour). Penelope and Marcellus have a somewhat turbulent relationship, and she's possibly the only mage he actually trusts.

These were characters I created when I was just messing around in ePic, liked the result, and decided to use them for.. uh.. something.

This one here I think I'll use for my "necromancer" storyline, which is one of the two main storylines that can be played in the game.

This one here I actually don't have a purpose for.. yet. I just liked it :). The bow is from a different set, was exported and clipped separately then photochopped onto this character.

Still got more of them to come :)

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1 year 8 months ago #2190 by Fasoldgames
Very interesting. I like the backgrounds of the characters, and they look good too. Your game seems quite interesting, if ever you need playtesters or what have you, I would like to volunteer!

In regard to the RPG argument, I think both you and Kelemelan are very intelligent and can stop showing off now :)

I am but a simple person, to me RPG means anything where you can make a character and roll a dice. But then, I'm rather backwards in the ways of the world :)

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1 year 8 months ago - 1 year 8 months ago #2191 by sade
if you allow me a suggession (a little bit)

If you have a chance, you should use the 2nd season (much more versatile, and higher resolution!)
You can try special effects, not just basic photoshop ones.

Here is what I'm thinking (I increased the image size to 1500x1800ish pixel and after making the effect I decreased) (for some of the effects I made a little modification, like double layer setting the second screen, or setting the contrast, but in 99% I left it as it came out)

(This is just a few examples, I could make many more)
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1 year 8 months ago - 1 year 8 months ago #2192 by Kelemelan
For the sake of it, allow me a short explanation, Fasold:

Just because it's fun: role playing game means game about roleplaying, actually, dice are optional ;)

To me, it's all about being someone else and that's why I feel constrained by a board of any kind, or a virtual word in a mmo, and so on... Only a GM can give me the actual freedom I'm looking for (by being able to change the world if necessary). And that's why I hate it when these other games call themselves RPG. Simply because they are not providing a true RPG experience. And I was playing actual RPGs before they stole the word so I feel cheated when they use that same word. :)

Not expecting an answer, just explaining a perspective : mine.

But I'm not going down this road again, let's enjoy the ePic effects, these are much more fun. :)
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1 year 8 months ago #2194 by kalnaren

Thanks! I'm working on a Tabletop Simulator module for prototyping (it's WAAAYYY faster and cheaper than doing it all by hand), I'll link it when I get the game to a playtestable state.


I completely see where you're coming from, and I don't entirely disagree, either, and have similarly "stuck to the old ways" with other subjects :)


The reason I still use Season 1 packs is for variety. Season 2 content may, overall, look better but overall there's much less of it compared to season 1 content, and overall I find it less versatile. Particularly the lack of different poses means I'm not doing everything in one season or one set. It's fine for one-off or a small number of characters, but when you have 8 of them side-by-side the identical poses are quite jarring and very obvious. Hence I mix it up a bit.

For the counter art the lower quality isn't much of an issue anyway, since printed they're 1"x1" counters.

I like the results you have there with the effects. I have to maintain transparent backgrounds on my images which generally requires sharply defined edges. Regardless, I haven't finalized the art style yet so I'll definitely play around with your suggestions there and see what I come up with!
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