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7 months 11 hours ago #3654 by LBandy
LBandy replied the topic: Pose Choice?
Well it's a bit more complicated than that, as lots of layers depend on and interact with each other, but it's an idea worth investigating in the future.

The system works purely on PNG images. I understand you're not having the time to play around with it, but thought I'd mention there's a way to try out new ideas in case you are interested. ;)
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7 months 10 hours ago #3655 by Kelemelan
Kelemelan replied the topic: Pose Choice?
I'm quite confident you'd be able to do what you want with linux soft.

So far, I only used gimp or krita where sade was using photoshop for instance and it worked okay so... well, as far as I understand the developer pack (once again, I didn't try my luck there but still), there's no big trouble I can foresee on your end.

If something arises, it should be on LBandy's side

Or maybe I'm completely confused, I'm just a bystander here... ;)

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