Donator Pack

Thank you for your support! Your feedback is important to us, anything is welcome that comes with kind words, a mug of coffee, or via paypal. :) We need your help to make new races, and to drive this project towards success.

When we've started the Indiegogo project, we decided that a special pack will be made just for the donators. Since the Indiegogo project is over, we wanted to share this pack in more "playful" ways:

1. Everytime when you make something on the website, you receive points. When you invite your friends, when you write on the forums, when you participate in a forum game, or just you log in, and look around.  You can buy the donator pack from these points.

2. Random events :) 

And we would like to mention some people, who have supported us in many ways, thank you! Kudos for you!

John G. Kane - He supported us with 50$ when we made the project, and with his very useful comments and suggestions.
Vaughn Romero - He supported us with 100$ when we made the project.
Dave Bacher - He supported us with 100$ when we made the project.
Paul - He supported us with 100$ when we made the project. 

Stock what we used @deviantart: Itsdura, Pranile, Nathie-stock, Alz-Stock, Eacthe, ED-resources, camelfobia, archaemic, LG-Design, moonglowlilly, IgnisfatuusII, Anulubi, Artreferencesource

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